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Bridget's paintings are a subjective invitation to dissolve and to connect within the heart and intimacy of mind and much more. While feeling into the paintings one senses that the whole is this spatial context, a process, the flow in now moments being its inherent shape and the spiraling vortex of emergence.

Such a deep alchemical remembrance. A somatic dancing movement and play with light, colour, hue and textures; all blended and glazed with mystery, ambiance and trans-mutational magic. Bridget’s intention is for her paintings to seductively allure one into the truth of one's own existence, leading one into a mysterious intimate and the eternal mother. Her paintings have intuitive insight and a special connection to consciousness and sacred space. 


The Process & the Paintings


Chaos, light of fire

Watery flow

 & vortex of being

Formless to form of BE-coming

Silences of mighty dark

Sparks of light, Illuminate

Nebula's & Stars of Galaxies


Rose Blood soft & wild 

Movements with the spiral 

Wand in hand

She the Creative creatures

I AM   

The unseen and the seen

Painting the spiral and the spiral painting.

A sacred magic

Colouring with light,

A sensual dance

Portals of presence 

& a now now process

With belly on Earth

Breathing as ONE

Connecting U as connects i

To an infinite


Souls blend and

All Absorb

Her She Source

B.A. Fine Art Painting


 Goldsmiths University

All transitions interchange by Frequency


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