Bridget's paintings represent the all original and are a subjective invitation to dissolve and to connect within the heart and intimacy of mind. While feeling into her art one senses that the whole is this spatial context, a process, the flow in now moments being its inherent shape and the spiraling vortex of emergence.

Such a deep alchemical remembrance. A somatic dancing movement and play with light, colour, hue and textures; all blended and glazed with mystery, ambiance and trans-mutational magic. Bridget’s intention is for her paintings to seductively allure one into the truth of one's own existence, leading one into a mysterious intimate and the eternal mother. Her paintings have intuitive insight and a special connection to consciousness and sacred space. 


The Process & the Paintings


Chaos, light of fire

Watery flow

 & vortex of being

Formless to form of BE-coming

Silences of mighty dark

Sparks of light, Illuminate

Nebula's & Stars of Galaxies


Rose Blood soft & wild 

Movements with the spiral 

Wand in hand

She the Creative creatures

I AM   

The unseen and the seen

Painting the spiral and the spiral painting.

A sacred magic

Colouring with light,

A sensual dance

Portals of presence 

& a now now process

With belly on Earth

Breathing as ONE

Connecting U as connects i

To an infinite


Souls blend and

All Absorb

Her She Source

B.A. Fine Art Painting


 Goldsmiths University

All transitions interchange by Frequency



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